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Six Degrees of Your Dream Job

The other night, my husband and I were so tired that we just wanted to watch something on TV. Somehow, we started playing Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon beginning from Sandra Bullock using the Netflix search menu on our Apple TV. If you are not familiar with Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, it is a game base...



Not my problem.....

Don’t you see that flying saucer over there? No, I don't see it. Why not? – “because it’s not my problem.” Douglas Adams, from The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy”Think back for a moment on how you found your first grad school mentor or thesis advisor. How did you get to work in that lab...



A new way to find a job? The Bio Careers Virtual Job Summit

After a nice workout, I like to eat breakfast in front of my computer and read the Bio Careers blogs.  Two blogs caught my attention this week.  The first one, by Wenny Lyn,  “Scientists and social media” discussed how scientists may not be comfortable with innovative tools for co...



Don’t Be A Monkey. Be A Sheep Pig.

Recently I watched the Oscar-winning movie Babe for the first time (I know. What took me so long, right!?). It is an awesomely inspiring film where a pig raised by sheep dogs resists his destiny of being humans’ dinner and is determined to become a sheep pig (a pig that herds sheep). Along the way...


Away From the Bench

Are you sure you’re ok with going from helping injured soldiers walk again to helping people look better?”  I’m willing to bet that very few people have heard this as an interview question.  But it was a valid (albeit surprising) question in my case.  The vice president intervie...



Learn the Lingo – Transition From Research To Business

In a previous post, I mentioned that my journey away from the bench evolved from my daily walk by the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley to my joining their Management of Technology Program to learn about commercialization. In one of my classes there, a Haas professor who used to be a NASA scien...



The Bio Careers Virtual Job Summit

I’m excited to tell you about a new event that we’ve had in development for a few months now.  It’s the Virtual Job Summit, and it’s scheduled to start on August 1st.  The Virtual Job Summit is an online Job Fair that’s open only to Bio Careers jobseekers.  It will take plac...



Playing Well with Others: Lessons learned from an MD in the Pharmaceutical Industry?

The lessons I learned transitioning into Industry are simple, and similar advice can be found at any career-counseling site in postings about office ethics and etiquette.   1.    Listen first, ask questions next, render your opinion last.



My Aha! Moment – Choosing Industry vs. Academia

In some of my job interviews, I was asked, “What made you decide to leave academia?” Yeah, what was it? I asked myself sometimes. I left academia because I am a practical person. Pure discovery research that takes forever to be applicable does not satisfy me. Secondly, the lack of interactions a...



A 500-Mile-Higher Career

Hello readers! My name is Stephanie Yeung, a new addition to the Bio Careers blogger fleet. I am a scientist turned marketing professional. Thanks to Bio Careers, now I have a place to share with you my journey jumping from academic research into business functions after getting my Bioengineering Ph...